Saturday, July 16, 2011

A rather nice week at the office

On the "interesting cases" kind of note- Saw an honest to God spontaneous Pneumo ("Large" according to the radiologist...wish I could have seen the films, to correlate PE findings with visual understanding).

Yes, Tall, skinny kid. But No SOB, nor any other serious "OH DEAR GOD" signs. Just an amazing MD who caught it during (yup) a routine PE. I'd bet that the kid was kind of miserable and made the appt. He had not been in for 3 years.  I did notice fairly pink (red?) cheeks, which I remember seeing in my CO2 pts before. No ABG or BG to see, I am sure they did that at the ED. I'd also like to have seen that, but honestly, I am hoping it's venous, as this kid was already scared enough. Just writing about it gives me the heeby-geebies. My biggest issue is knowing that he might be in for a world of pain. And, came into the office without family attached to his side. In his car.

Ugh.  But nods to an amazing peds MD who A) Caught it, and B) called me in to hear it. Did not say "This is what this is" but let me listen, and think. What I heard was cracking, and "far away" sounds on auscultation. Only way I could describe it.

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