Friday, July 8, 2011


I am currently in the beginning of my peds rotation in Ann Arbor. I have an amazing preceptor, who loves to teach (there is so much to be said for that!) and the practice is far more varied than I expected in Ann Arbor.

He has been practicing for over 30 years. But, he stays young, and strong, and everyone loves him. They are not dependent, however, on him, and he is busy enough that having people call in, or only RV when needed is the norm. As I said he loves to teach, and takes a lot of moments to teach, which are great and welcome for me. 

I've seen 2 mono's (one clear case of mono, and one not-so-clear but both spot tested +) and 2 cases of Pityriasis rosea. Mono, I expected, but pityriasis not so much. I always figured it would be a board question and that's that. But the herald patch was noted in one kid, and the other one not as clear a beginning, but the christmas tree pattern was clear. "Score!"  

I think this is my last easy rotation, so I hope that I use the time well. Other than that, things are heading towards Nick leaving, and I am heading towards being an empty nester.  Feels kind of good! At least today it does....

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