Saturday, April 18, 2009

What we missed in ME (*for med ethics blog)

What we missed in ME
First, this class was amazing. I was challenged and provoked- my thinking, admittedly fixed, was shaken, and beliefs that I have had were changed- my thinking needed the shake up.Consistent thought. sometimes tough to realize you are not being consistent in your thoughts. It actually makes you slightly crazy to realize that you have been inconsistent!I think the one thing I would have liked to discuss is the development of drugs. We touched on it in a few areas, but not as a way to save money in the system.I know were going to talk about it in the last lecture- insofar as using people for research. Certainly better then animals, but questionable.Yes, drugs are really good here in the US- and the FDA has done a good job (I do think so- despite some of the major mishaps, I can only imagine there were hundreds of more possible) screening. In other countries, I am not sure if the screening is as thorough as it is here. The issue for me seems to be in the cost it takes for someone to get a drug out on the market.I know there are several things that have happened- no more drug give-aways, no more wooden pens ;-)- a kind of medical payola that added to the overall costs. But...why does it have to be so costly? and why do they advertise as much as they do? It seems as if this should stop.But I am not sure. Because I don't really know. So, my thoughts are it's expensive enough to develop a drug- and we need to cut that expense down. Advertising should not be allowed. I believe that drugs should hit the market in a way that those that are really sick can benefit by using the drugs- and be part of a clinical trial sooner then later. Somewhat like a limited release. But have this not be such an expensive process- at least I think it might not have to be.I also think discussing hospice in greater detail would have been good.

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