Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling the effects of the new meds

Ugh- so they change my meds which should make things better and I feel worse! Hot and unable to concentrate. I have only 2 real weeks left of school, which is nice, but good god there is a lot to do, Is this miserable or what? I pretty much hate estrogen right now. Honestly.

So many things are going on its amazing. My dad and Ross have both been in the hospital, which weighed heavy on me, I guess more then I thought. I also have Jazz coming into town, which will broadcast all my failures- while its nice to have a daughter that is so amazing, it does sometimes make me feel a bit like a lump.I know she says the same about me, but really we both have two very different strength systems, if that is such a thing. Nick is going to NOLA, which is great- I hope the trip is good and eye-opening for him. Art is still doing his thing- I am glad for him on that. VERY proud of him. There have been some rough patches, but overall, I think things will be fine,

So, my personal list of To-Do's- Paper for Med Ethics, Paper/project for PR (GAG), Nutrition thing for (yeah, I know) nutrition. Major article for Feature writing, plus the one I never did- she is letting me turn it in late- nice, yet, do I care after this past several weeks? Then, I so fucked up a micro exam today- like REALLY fucked it up. I am going to email him and ask if I can do anything about it. Ugh. I so thought I was doing okay. Guess not, huh? That makes me feel just horrible. I think part of my lack of energy has to do with that...oh, and I have had a headache for the past day.

Okay- well, so thats it. Just wanted to write this so i can look back and say- see, it turned out okay- really!

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