Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strange as I head towards the end (and the beginning)

I feel less competent.

I did well enough this semester (better then last for sure...) but the startling thing is that I feel much further away from having the ability to transform into being a PA. It does worry me that so many have not gotten in- I know of at least...4 that I can name, and more that I have heard of, that just have not made the final cut at either school.

Looking at Nova- while that feels hard, it may be the correct thing to do. I am also applying to at least 5 schools- certainly would hope to get into Wayne, then Mercy, then out of state. I think Art would be fine with NOVA, but Maine, not so much. :-) "too cold!"

Been having serious missing my XC riding- want to be running XC on someone- want to go prelim- intermediate and feel okay at it. I miss being a part of that world. Maybe I will again, maybe I won't. I thought just doing the horses as a hobby or past time might be okay. I guess it's not. when I move to Tryon, I can certainly begin again. But boy, I am not sure I will ever have the courage....

Had a brief Marc run this past monday- as usual, intense, amazing and...well, it's such an interesting thing- its all on his terms, which is really frustrating. But, I still enjoy the time, still find the entire thing amazing.

Otherwise, things are okay- I am taking 10 credits- Yeah, um....nuts.

More later!

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