Sunday, February 3, 2008

March 23
Feeling somewhat better on the Taco Front
and that I can handle whatever comes my way on the Taco front. Whatever ends up being, he remains a great horse. I know we have done all that we can for him, and there really is not a stone unturned. My sig line on COTH says it all- and so...heed my own wisdom.

So so SO sick of Snow Snow Snow. 8" the other day- compacted somewhat, but still miserable. It's frigging March 23rd!!!! Ya got to be kidding, right?? Ugh.

Reason continues to do well, and so that is nice- swelling is still there, but to be expected. I am happy abt that. He is getting to be a very fancy schmancy mover! very exciting to see.

March 29
up the hill we go!!

Cast removal happened- he is in a full leg wrap - well, upto his gaskin, and he is walking soundly on that. However- there is a lot of swelling and some heat. Makes me think cellulitis, but the surgeons like what they see, the medicine people not so much. I however, being given some small glimmer of hope, jumped right back in that roller coaster car to head up the hill again. I do love hope- I love love LOVE hope! Taco looks good- and is happy to be out of the cast. The sun is out so I can face things somewhat better today. And, getting calls from my friends make things so much easier to deal with.

So, have to get the blood results back and see what they tell- hopefully good things! Oh I hope so.

And, am I glad that I am not single! Just spoke to a friend who is single- yuck!!

April 5th
Update on da Boys...
So quickest of updates- pasture fixing is calling as it's warm out!

taco looks okay right now- need to just watch it- swelling and difficult to totally know. But opimistic- yes, I am.

Reason- sigh- has 2 more abscesses in the same area. Surgery is not an option-at least at this point. I am hoping that it will resolve- but concerned as he is still on the Chloramphenicol and they happened anyway. So, I guess it's just wait and see with him. Yesterday an emergency trip to MSU for the U/S where what was thought to be a a hernia was discovered to be 2 more areas. In no way am I upset with anyone- sad for him, as this is another hard bend in the road. He remains happy and playful, and looks great, so as far as that goes, all seems good. He was stellar good yesterday for the U/S- no sedation even! good boy!
Time to FENCE!

May 5th- update
Everything slows down as far as internet in ths spring summer, huh??

So, Taco had a rather rough week. Was incredably foot sore- after getting his rabies and PHF- what is the real cause? god only knows. None the less, I am thinking that I may just not actually give him his shots again- have to if we ever get to FEI again, but one step at a time. Anyway, my farrier came out and put shoes all around and he looked amazing afterwards. okay, not our usual amazing, but overall, so much better. So, hope springs eternal again.

Reason is just the same. When we got back from Rolex,. his belly was not okay- looks as if he did not get his meds maybe as he should have. So, a couple of days later, it looks a bit better. I just ordered a new set of meds for Reason, so another month- here we come. I am thinking that then, after that month, we will rethink...of course after another U/S. So, his studly self has another few months to go. Cringe, goes my body!

Doc is amazing, and Skee is choosing to be good. More on them tomorrow!

It has been a most difficult time for eventing- I am of the strong opinion that we do not know WHY things are happening, but need to keep looking. I just don't think that the courses have changed THAT much (skinnys, maybe?) but more then that, something else has changed.

And now, the Derby with a horse fatality. What is happening?? I want to know, not to blame, what to fix, but not to change what is not broken.

May 19th
My goodness all the boys are home!
All is good here- Boys are home- reason is an offical gelding! They decided to geld him while the gelding is good- he has been on the Chlor for over 120 days, and it was time to geld. If we took him off of it, and he got another round o MRSA< we would be on another 3-6month set back. So since he was as well covered as he could be, they suggested it, I was all for it (reason not so much!) and he stayed the weekend at MSU.

Taco looks good still- thankfully. Leg is now unwrapped all the time except when being ridden, and I have him out with a buddy right now. Not sure who he will end up being paired with, but doesn't matter- he is out and that is good! I have ridden him abt 5 times, and that has gone well.

So, that's the news on the boy-front!

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