Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some PA school truths.

1)I am behind. I am ALWAYS behind. I have not logged every patient that I have seen...not even CLOSE. I lost a lot of info, and E*Value was not able to retrieve it. Oh well. I am behind.

2) Kevin has finally turned off the ability to log patients that we saw 6 months ago. This should worry me. It does not. I am relieved. Can't do anything about it now, can I? How many sore throats can I log?

3)seriously- sore throats are just that. Sore, Some need meds, some don't. Clinical judgement. And I fall onto the SNAP side of things (Safety Net Antibiotic Protocol) because I'd rather not give  antibiotics if I can avoid it...stewardship and all that jazz.

4) I am almost DONE!  This is a good thing. Both for me and the program. I have pissed them off, esp the newest staff member. I am not one to piss people off very much, but clearly I have pissed them off because I have tried to find my own rotations.  This has not gone over well at all. Lead balloon like not well.

5) BUT! This is how I found my most current rotation. My preceptorship is in Howell at the ED there. When I told one of the PA's that I am working with now that I was going to be there, she said it was going to be excellent. Kevin said that it would be excellent. So I am feeling excellent. All good.

6) Seriously- I am glad that PA school is almost done. I don't feel ready to go out and do my thing, but thats probably SOP. So- onward into more learning.

7)(Lucky #7)  I am applying for jobs. I also am somewhat hopeful that I might be able to get a fellowship at St. Joes.  I have also sent in an application for the Rural ED residency in NY (Which was my intention from the very beginning). They have not emailed me back despite several emails to them. Don't think this bodes well, but....  next post? What I want to do.

(MY IDEAL LIFE...In Tryon, working at St. Lukes.  ED department. It's out there now.)

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