Monday, February 6, 2012

Online blogs, podcasts, and other really neat things to have at your disposal.

I am blogging this, because there are a few places that are my GO TO places on the web.

So, First- Podcasts....

A Gobbet 'o pus  Mark Crislip  who would be the first to say the world needs a more of Mark Crislip...  Mark is an ID doc, and he podcasts about 2 times a week. Great quick listening. The beginning ones have a lot of sound effects that he has removed from the most current ones. I liked the sound effects for the first 100 or so. Now, I appreciate just listening. He also has an app that I use a lot, as well as a QuackCast that I have not explored yet. Sure to be soon.

Emcrit- just spectacular. Always has a bevy of show notes that I refer to. This is geared to the ED /Critical care MD but I still find it great to listen to. Usually about 20 min long. Great Manny Rivers MD of Henry Ford Fame and his sepsis talk. Saved my butt a few times!

ERcast- another one that just is easy to listen to- lots of everyday, important info'

OOPS! Never finished this post...will do so later!  But for now, enjoy what I have listed thus far!

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