Wednesday, March 9, 2011

been too long

but so be it. I am really glad I had this blog to look back at- loved seeing what happened earlier, and loved seeing what has happened because there has not been a lot of that in the past year.

I have not really seen the horses, not spent any time with them, but overall, still am kind of involved on a peripheral level with their day to day lives. Doc is back home, so I now have 4, which really is way too many. But that's okay, I guess, until something better comes along for Doc. I think that 3 is probably too many, but I think I can manage 3, and always have someone to keep the other one company. Seems kind of silly, but oh well. I do think the three boys are a good combo, and while Doc adds nothing negative to the group, it remains that these are one expensive hobby!

Rotations starting means that perhaps I can start riding again...depending on the rotation, I guess. I worry because I don't know if I can balance things well enough to "do it all" but want to try and figure it out. I need to add it in, because I have taken so much out it's kind of hard because there is not a lot of me left. lookin' for some me!

I also want to try and figure out the best way to work things overall. First, car issues, Trailer issues, care issues, barn issues, animal issues, house issues. The balance of all of these, while maintaining sanity. Working on that might be the most important thing I do in the coming year.

Well, Dumb and dumber on in class, and off we go to whatever comes on for the next class session. I've given up knowing, and frankly caring.

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