Thursday, August 13, 2009


Its been a long time, baby! I have been pretty busy, and while that's good in some ways, it does create a barrier to doing things like this- which I admit are helpful when looking back.

A few posts back I said that I posted just so I could say that things ended up being okay. And, they are. I am officially done. I have my BS- quite anti-climatic, but important for my next step...admission into PA school. Wayne is for sure my first choice. Then, Mercy. Then, Emery, Maine and...well, I don't know. I want to get into Wayne. Period. Can you imagine my saddness if I don't? Sheesh.

I aced pathoPhys this summer. But, again, feels like an impostor, as I am not sure I actually KNOW it. My GPA thanks me for those 16 quality points. I guess all in all my GPA is good enough. My Math GRE is not; I know this. Verbal? A-OK. Shadowing? Good to go. All is fitting into place. Now, the wait happens, and I stress that I am not good enough. (drop it, huh?)

In Tryon right now, seeing Jas and wee Annika. She is just a lovely baby- so very pretty and special. I love her, and look forward to spending a lot of time with her once i am thru all of this Cr*p of school. I miss having time. I would really love having some good time!

So, hopefully, I can get back to blogging a bit. It IS helpful to step back later and look how far I have come. I am going to post my PS here, too. Just cuz. :)

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