Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So much time...

So, its been too long- or rather, I appear to be a non-blogger. But since I am on the computer anyway, and a lot of what i do seems directed towards me anyway, I shall blog just whatever. Like today was a great whatever day in many ways.
I was very productive. Like Really productive. Got the new green feeders in, barn done (all the horses have been in), 2 horses ridden, one horse clipped(okay, not well, but clipped for comfort) and its muddy and miserable here. So- to describe-

Skee was a star today. As stated, its miserable here- like a blustry spring day in January. So, I decide in my Annika wisdom that clipping seemed a good idea. They are so muddy that bathing was necessary before I could even think of placing a saddle on them. OF course, Taco was all over the barn outside, so Skee was somewhat nuts. But, he behaved! Then when I lunged him, he was fresh, but he listened. When I rode him, he was under himself and carried himself and lord, it was nice. Sad thing is that there is so much to say, and I have forgotten a lot. Sad. Old age?? Creepin' in!

Then I did Doc, bathed him, too but was wise enough (the benefits of age) to know clipping him was not a good idea! Good for lunging- esp with poles to steady the trot- altho how he can canter trot poles amazes me. But oh well, and oh good- I know he has that fifth leg that I will need.

I did not get Taco nor Ranger done, but give a girl a break- I did a lot of other things that made life easier. Tomorrow? Conquor the feed room!!!! And The Tool Area!

Then, when I fed tonight, I thought that making Reason go into the wash rack was a good idea. Uh, not so much. This was my bad horse moment of the day. I did not remain cool as I should have, but I really have no idea what to do in that case. If he does not go, and I say...Oh OKAY! You must have your reasons (sorry for the pun). So, it was good that Art came down. He helped, and that was good. However, I feel bad about it, but don't know a solution. When I went down to do late night, he went right in, so I guess all is good. I did find another stitch in him. Damn.

So, there you go. Another time I actually get something down. A start? Kinda like Katheryn Heigle stopping smoking- you gotta keep tryin!

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